Photomask/Photolithography Manufacturing Technician

Advance Reproductions Corporation, an ISO 9001:2008 and ITAR

registered company, is a leading supplier of high-quality, largearea

and optical photomasks and phototools. We support

manufacturers throughout the world involved in the manufacture of

semiconductor, hybrid, microwave, nanotechnology, display and

electronic packaging devices. In addition, Advance takes pride in

supporting the high precision photomask requirements of colleges

and universities both nationally and internationally. We offer a

variety of custom manufacturing services for research and

development applications, custom shaped substrates, vacuum

deposition, engineered tooling and custom finishing. Advance

Reproductions has direct sales representatives nationwide, and a

dedicated support staff to assist with technical questions, job status

updates, and pricing information.

The?Photomask/Photolithography Manufacturing Technician?is

responsible for the generation of photomasks and phototools

utilizing high-end photolithography imaging tools and contact

printers.?The ideal candidate should have knowledge of photomask

and photolithograpy technologies. The Photomask Manufacturing

Technician is required but not limited to the operation of various

photolithography related systems including wet etch process, optomechanical

systems, metrology and inspection equipment. In

addition, you?will aid in the development and modification of

manufacturing and process conditions, define processing or

handling equipment requirements and specifications, and review

processing techniques and methods applied in the manufacture,

fabrication, and evaluation of photomasks.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

?Performs production relevant processes relating to assigned

production equipment.

? Images hard surface and emulsion photoplates utilizing high-end

photolithography imaging tools and contact printers.

? Performs processing, inspection and metrology related functions

to support production processes.

? Performs glass substrate cutting and finishing.

? Establishes necessary process controls, control techniques and

process metrics.

? Performs and documents maintenance schedules.

Ideal candidate will have a minimum of one-to-three years related

experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education

and experience.

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